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Founded in 1984, ÖZGAYD is a leading manufacturer of cast iron and bronze valve guides for the

TURKEY’s OEM’s, automotive after market and international market. The product quality has

been constantly improved with both the incorporation of machinery according to the latest

technology and the training of its staff with the purpose of developing a quality self-control


ÖZGAYD has remarkable market share in Turkey and we are extending our share day by day

with our experienced sales team. We have a good reputation on this market. And we have started

valve seat insert manufacturing in 2003 by considering our customer demands.

Its staff amounts to fifty people and its yearly production to 2.000.000 parts, considering both

valve guides and valve seats.


 Every kind of valve guides has been manufactured for all types of engines in OZGAYD Factory.

About 1000 part numbers is currently produced in special cast iron alloyed and bronze in order

to accomplish the best combination of wear resistance and anti frictional properties.

Our GUIDES’ material exceeds all original equipment specifications and the excellence of the

material used and the special machining facilities lead to the best combination enhancing the

quality of ÖZGAYD’s valve guides.

Our product line consists of a wide variety of sizes and configurations. We have the ability to

manufacture any type of guide needed to fit your specific, individual application.

We’re happy to rise to the occasion of serving any of your particular needs.


We are pleased to offer to you our special high chromed alloyed cast valve seat product line for

all passenger car, light truck, truck, bus, tractor and industrial engine applications.

Due its excellent wear and corrosion resistance at high temperatures, ÖZGAYD’s seats are

applied in a wide range of engines.

With over 500 sizes available and we are able to fill your valve seat needs.

All Özgayd’s valve seat inserts are foremost seats of Turkey particularly for engines operating on

unleaded/leaded Gasoline and Diesel.


 Our casting unit began to production in 2007. It has 3.000.000 pcs. valve guide and 1.500.000

valve seat production capacity annual. It has 2 indiction melting furnace (1; 8 TON capacity 2; 1

TON capacity) , 4 pcs. moulding machines and 1 heat treatment furnace (6.000 kg capacity).

Production of our casting department is developed for engine valve guide and valve seat

production standards and for the production of the other special analyses.


Özgayd began to cylinder head production by August 2015, after its researches and investments during 2014.

With the first investments, cylinder head production capacity of Özgayd is 90.000 pcs./year. For the beginning Özgayd aims to produce the cylinder head types, which are popular in domestic market and Europen Market. Quality, and customer satisfaction are the most important purposes of Ozgayd, who is the first and the one cylinder head producer of Turkey.



In 2008 our company developed its own labaratory by the help of the project with TUBITAK

cooperation. In our laboratory we have spectrometer, sample piece cutting, grinding and

polishing machines. We use special microscope and METALLAB program to check micro

structure analyses of our products.